Team Profile

Team Profile

Mahesh Babu Timalsina

Name:Mahesh Babu Timalsina
Designation:Founder & CEO
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Susmita Parajuli

Name:Susmita Parajuli
Designation:Chairperson / Senior Counselor (Australia)
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Tulasi R Kafle

Name:Tulasi R Kafle
Designation:Director of Counseling & International communication / Chief Executive, Pokhara Office
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Anil Pradhan

Name:Anil Pradhan
Designation:Director of Special Project and
External Affair
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Babita Parajuli

Name:Babita Parajuli
Designation:Operation In-Charge | Career Counselor (Pokhara Office)
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Sushan Ghimire

Name:Sushan Ghimire
Designation:Counselor/ Manager ( New Zealand Department)
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Prabhat Badal

Name:Prabhat Badal
Designation:Business Development Manager
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Amrit Koirala

Name:Amrit Koirala
Designation:Counselor/ Manager ( Australia Department)
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Keshab Pokharel

Name:Keshab Pokharel
Designation:Academic Incharge
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